Controlling children's urine

Controlling children's urine

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Control of bowel movements and urine can be acquired in most children before four years of age. But that is not a general rule. This control is one more function like walking, talking, eating, etc.. It is an acquisition for which there is no specific school but that children do assume when they are mature enough for it.

Diaper removal is a slow process that requires a good deal of patience, observation, encouragement, and persistence on the part of family and educators.

The first, in a general way, is not reconcile your child's age with the 'normal' abilities that society should have. Each child is a different world. And his personality as well as his abilities differ. Not all children begin to walk when they are their first year. So to think about it, the first thing to do is not to set a specific age to remove your child's diaper.

It is best to observe their movements, mainly from the second year of life, and in some cases a little earlier. Some babies may begin to notice when they are wearing and are dirty in diapers and identify when they are peeing and / or pooping. Others say they have peed or pooped, or warn before doing so. Some children also ask to have their diapers changed and even refuse to put them back on. If this moment has come for your child, it is time to start the process.

It is important that you teach your child to name what he is doing. So every time he pees he will warn you and say 'pee'. This is when the moment of visualization comes. The child must know and see what comes from within him. And for that, nothing better than teaching him to pee or poop on an age-appropriate potty.

By pooping or peeing on a potty, the child will know 'his great and first work', and that will invite him to repeat and repeat. Logically the child will need time to become familiar with the potty. Let him play with it, and let him sit naked, in a diaper or in clothes. And for the child to create a habit, you know, the reinforcement technique is very effective. Praise him for sitting still, give him hugs and kisses, and tell the whole family about his challenges. The joy and satisfaction of the parents will encourage the child to continue with his conquest.

The whole process can take two weeks or half a year. If at this time the parents see that the child does not succeed, it will be better to forget the subject and return to the diapers. In a few months he will surely succeed.

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