Jalapeños stuffed with cheddar cheese. Mexican recipe for kids

Jalapeños stuffed with cheddar cheese. Mexican recipe for kids

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We are going to prepare one more dish of the delicious Mexican cuisine. It has a wide variety of ingredients in all its dishes, so you can make dozens of healthy and fun recipes for children.

This time, brings you the recipe, step by step, of the jalapeños stuffed with Cheddar cheese. You have to be careful with the spiciness, but if you remove all the seeds and veins inside and leave them a little in salted water, there will be no problem for your children to enjoy this exquisite dish.

  • Whole jalapeños (can be fresh or canned)
  • Shredded cheddar cheese
  • 2 eggs
  • Flour
  • Bread crumbs

Advice:If you want to reduce the heat of the jalapeños, we recommend that you remove all the seeds inside and the white veins, which is where the heat is mainly.

1. We select the jalapeños that we are going to fill. It is recommended that they be medium or large in size and chubby. It is necessary to avoid that they are short and thin.

2. Possibly the most complicated step: emptying them. The top of the jalapeño is cut off and carefully scooped out with a small spoon to remove as much spice as possible.

3. Once filled, we let them dry or we dry them with kitchen paper.

4. Let's go with the cheese. We grate Cheddar cheese with our grater and fill all the jalapenos that we have cleaned.

5. Time to bread them. First the jalapeños are passed through flour, then through beaten egg and finally through breadcrumbs.

6. Once they are all breaded, fill the pan with plenty of oil and fry the jalapeños.

Finished! To enjoy and be careful with the spicy.

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