Children's pain threshold

Children's pain threshold

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Most illnesses in children are mild, although the symptoms seem very alarming, because children's pain threshold it is, in general, quite low.

Immediately, when they are unwell, they cry, claim the arms of their father or mother and feel comforted by pampering and warmth. The World Pain DayIt is a good time to remember all those who suffer and all those families who care about the pain of others.

Surely, you will be worried if your children are incubating something, they are sick or have had an accident. At times, it has been stressful for me to decide whether or not my children need medical help, or if I should take them to the ER. Even when the symptoms they had seemed commonplace, I was concerned that they might be the prelude to something more serious.

exist more than eighty common diseases that can affect children in different parts of the body and for parents it is always very useful to know the measures to take to alleviate the most common ailments of children. Caring for a child in the middle of the night can get on the nerves of calmer parents, especially when one does not know what to do to calm a headache, stomach or throat. Resorting to self-medication and the use of analgesics by system is not the best recommendation, since we must always consult with the pediatrician before giving any medicine to children.

Most serious illnesses in children can be easily prevented with official vaccines, which are effective against most infectious diseases. However, some illnesses that may seem minor can be complicated in a baby. For this reason, it is advisable to always take babies under two years to the pediatrician to consult any type of alteration in your health.

WHO recommends in the World Day of Pain that a healthy lifestyle be adopted throughout the life cycle, in order to preserve life, stay healthy and alleviate disability and pain in old age. The prevention, early detection and treatment of diseases improve the well-being of children and the elderly in particular.

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