Hygiene of children's clothes and toys

Hygiene of children's clothes and toys

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Children's clothing and footwear should be the object of special attention from parents, as they are in direct contact with children's skin. It is recommended that children change their clothes after showering or bathing and that underwear change daily. Children should wear comfortable clothes, not too tight, easy to wash and appropriate for each moment and situation of the day. You should take into account the ambient temperature and wear clothes, adapted to it.

The shoes must be comfortable and appropriate to the size of the foot. That is, neither tight nor baggy. To maintain the hygiene and durability of the footwear, it is advisable to clean, brush and air the shoes regularly. They are cares that collaborate to also avoid the bad smell in the feet. To sleep they will have to wear loose and comfortable clothing.

The main activity in a child's life is play, and play involves most of the time that they get dirty. This fact must be accepted by adults, who at the same time must teach children that once the game is over, if necessary, they must wash. In any case, we must teach children to avoid:

- Play in places where garbage and waste accumulate.

- Touching sharp or dangerous objects.

- Play in areas where there are stagnant waters.

- Drink dirty or non-potable water.

- Suck glue.

- Wear plastic glasses that damage your eyesight.

- Play in areas of terrain with wells, caves, sudden changes in height or places near roads ...

Keeping toys clean is also essentialSince children, especially the smallest ones, often put them in their mouths, suck on them or bite them. The park bucket and paddles are to be used only in the park sand. When they get home they must be washed before the child puts them away.

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