Most common first aid mistakes for children

Most common first aid mistakes for children

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When a child suffers a mishap, an accident or has an injury, it is very likely that the knowledge of first aid. However, it is necessary to know well how to carry them out so as not to make mistakes that prevent their quick recovery.

The emergency measures What to know when a child has a fall, an injury or a burn are basic, but not unimportant. The first thing to do in a child emergency, no matter how difficult it may be at such a delicate time, is to stay calm as much as possible. Children tend to be very scared if they see blood or if they have hurt themselves, so it is necessary that the people around them, in particular their parents, do not get carried away by stress and make them feel safe.

On the other hand, depending on the emergency in question, we must take into account how to make the child breathe again if he has choked, how slow the blood that sprouts from a wound or knowing how to heal them if they have been burned by something very hot. When the situation stabilizes, you have to go to the doctor to avoid a greater evil.

1. Lose your nerves: It is very important to remain calm, since losing your nerves even if the situation is difficult will only complicate the child's own attitude, who will be overwhelmed by what is happening because he will believe that the danger he has run is even more serious .

2. Provoke vomiting in poisonings: When the child has tried a cleaning bottle, for example, we tend to try to make him vomit to expel the liquid in question. However, this could be dangerous because it could re-enter, so in this case it is best to go to the doctor for a stomach wash so that there is no further poisoning.

3. Clean wounds directly with alcohol: Although it has always been said that alcohol and hydrogen peroxide are the best for wounds, this can be a mistake when a child falls, since it is better than before applying water or physiological saline to clean the area and get thus avoid future infections.

4. Do not pour cold water on the burns: This is a serious mistake, since cold water is very important when treating burns that children may get in order to get them to clean themselves and that the remains of what has caused them also disappear. On the other hand, it is also recommended because it will reduce swelling and can relieve pain.

5. Heat a sprain: If a child sprains himself while playing, it is best to apply cold in the first instance. Although we believe that the heat is good for you, it is better to have a cold presence first so that the swelling goes down.

6. Hitting the back when choking: It's a very common mistake. If the child coughs, the obstruction is partial. This means that blows to the back can make the situation worse and push the choking object further in. In these cases, it is best to encourage the child to continue coughing. If the object covers the entire airway, it will be necessary to act by grasping the child from behind and pressing the diaphragm area.

7. Apply heat to an earache: With that you only get the opposite effect, that they hurt much more.

8. Blow the child's eye when encountering a foreign object: You can make the object go even deeper. The best way to extract the object from the eye is the saline solution or the tear itself. The liquid will drag the object.

9. Plugging a nose that bleeds: What you do with this is that the blood goes to the airways. You should tilt your child's head slightly forward, not back, so that the blood comes out and the bleeding stops on its own.

10. Remove an object stuck in the body: If you suddenly remove a stick or a large object stuck in any part of the body, you generate a hemorrhage that can be very serious. The best thing in these cases is to go to the hospital so that they assess the situation and can act with adequate medical control.

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