Introducing yogurt into the baby's diet

Introducing yogurt into the baby's diet

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The feeding of the nursing baby is based solely on milk. Breast milk or formula is the only nutritional contribution during the first 4 months of life and is the most important during the first year of life.From 6 months we must incorporate other complementary foods into the baby's diet that will provide other nutrients and a greater caloric intake and that will mean the beginning of a new way of eating: the spoon.

Yogurt is a very interesting dairy alternative during the first years of life in which the baby requires at least 500 cc. of milk daily. Many children begin to despise milk or lag when it comes to taking milk from the bottle, and perhaps a good alternative is the use of foods that are offered with the spoon such as yogurt.

From ten months, yogurt can be turned into one of the most suitable foods for baby feeding. Its pleasant texture, its high biological value, the great contribution of calcium and vitamins of group B, A and D, and a lower amount of lactose than that of milk, which thanks to fermentation is transformed into lactic acid, make be a high tolerance food and very suitable for children.

Although yogurt is not recommended before ten months, like cow's milk is not recommended before one year, currently there are yogurts on the market made from follow-on milk, which can be offered to the baby along with other complementary foods from 6 months. It is very useful for snacks or as a complement to purees.

Yogurt is an excellent food for children. Its biological value (the live bacteria it contains) is one of its greatest contributions, they contribute to recovering the intestinal flora after some diarrhea, or during antibiotic treatment of an infection. It is a very useful food during convalescence, easily digested and helps to replenish the child's defenses. Milk and dairy products are at the top of the foods with calcium, which as we know is an important component for the formation of bones and for the growth of children.

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