Children cared for by grandparents suffer fewer accidents

Children cared for by grandparents suffer fewer accidents

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Parents do not always educate and grandparents spoil, as a popular saying goes. Grandparents are, in many cases, the safest care a child can have when their parents work outside the home. Having grandparents represents insurance against accidents for grandchildren.

Being able to reconcile work and family is a privilege for few. In most of the times, children who do not have grandparents with the capacity to take care of them end up being taken to daycare centers or staying with the first caregiver who fits the criteria and the pocket of their parents. A recent study by researchers from the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health concludes that caring for grandparents with their grandchildren can cut the risk of accidents with the little ones in the house by half.

The study is one of the first to look at the relationship between grandparent care and injury rates in childhood. It has been made taking into account the recent growth in the number of grandparents caring for their grandchildren. Comparing the care that grandparents have with that of a mother or other relative, it was noted that grandparents' care offers a lower risk of harm to children. The study investigated data obtained from mothers during their visits to pediatric emergency services.

In addition to childcare, it was also observed in the study that accident rates were significantly higher in children from single parent families. Parallel to this data, accident rates were also higher in children who lived in homes where the father did not reside, regardless of the economic level of the families. The attention and affection of the grandparents are, in any case, indisputable. Another thing is that not all grandparents are there to take care of their grandchildren. Anyway, I think that the grandparents who lend themselves to this job deserve all the respect and all the consideration that they can give them, without going overboard, of course, their favors cannot be abused.

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