7 things that change when you become a mom

7 things that change when you become a mom

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Being a mother changes your life completely. Other advanced mothers already warn you, your mother warns you, your friends warn you, but until you have experienced it in your own flesh you are not aware of how much a child can change your life.

A few days ago we met again a group of friends that we used to go out a few years ago every weekend. We spent our nights laughing, dancing, chatting, and the next day we slept until almost lunchtime. The difference in this last meeting was that 17 children came with us. We have all become fathers and mothers. Thus, while children were playing, the boys were talking about the last basketball game, and we, like stand-up comedians, got into a funny talk about how much our children had changed our lives.

1. Privacy in the bathroom. You hang on until the last moment and when you finally enter the bathroom and close the door, the handle begins to move slowly down, as if it were a horror movie. But on the other side is not Freddy Krueger, he is one of your sons who wants to tell you something while you tell him that you only need ten seconds and to wait. Too bad, you'll have to get used to everyone entering the bathroom when you're there.

2. Sleep on the pull. Either because they have nightmares, because they are sick, or because they uncover at night, you have to get up several times. Sleeping peacefully without getting out of bed is a thing of the past. Those nights nestled between the sheets dreaming of trips, boyfriends or parties are history.

3. Enjoy your thoughts. Before we were moms, our thoughts were full of the last trip we planned with friends, or that boy you wanted to see again. Now they are invaded with more mundane things that begin with 'I have what': I have to go to the pharmacy, I have to put two washing machines, I have to pick up the children from after school ...

4. Disgust, what is disgust? Remove mucus, collect vomit, clean poop ... Anything eschatological is our daily bread. We no longer even make a disgusted face or think that it can be disgusting. We just do it.

5. Moments with your partner are not magical. How are they going to be? When you want to have an interesting talk, one of your children is hitting the other. If you give yourself a kiss, a little voice begins to shout: 'How disgusting, they are kissing', or if you want to go hand in hand down the street, your son prefers that you give it to him.

6. Watch your favorite series on television. It is impossible to follow a series but I know all the characters in my children's series. This is so much the point that I have found myself having dinner at the last minute watching, like a zombie, the cartoon channel.

7. Have time to get ready. That of getting in the shower and enjoying the hot water, taking the music to the bathroom and singing, taking your time to put on makeup and trying new shades ... impossible! You shower, dress and do your makeup in ten minutes.

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