Reflexology for children with ADHD

Reflexology for children with ADHD

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a behavioral disorder that affects a large number of school-age children and is characterized by the presence (with significant intensity and disproportionate to their level of development and education received) of one or of the following two groups of symptoms: 1. Difficulties regulating attention and 2. Excessive motor activity (hyperactivity) and impulsivity.

The question is this… can Reflexology help a child with ADHD? And the answer is yes ..., it can help and much, more than we imagine ...

Some children only show attention deficit, while others only hyperactivity and impulsivity (without attention deficit). However, the largest group of children is the one that jointly presents both groups of symptoms.

The child with ADHD will have problems with the capacity for perseverance and will, with the ability to control internal time, with the capacity for self-evaluation, with the ability to self-monitor and especially with concentration and this, without a doubt, will generate stress and anxiety.

The worst enemy of cognitive performance is stress and anxiety, both of which have a significant impact on the ability of neurons to learn and remember what they have learned. With which, an environment with stress will condition the intelligence of our children for the rest of their lives. There are neuroscience studies that prove it.

Our boys are constantly in stressful environments, and learning scenarios, both in classrooms and within families, are often stressful.

There are many pathologies that Reflexology can alleviate, but stress and anxiety is probably one of the best results obtained. In addition, Reflexology cannot damage any system, there are no contraindications after practicing therapy, being a fantastic therapy for children and adolescents ...

It should be clear that Reflexology is a complementary and never exclusive treatment. The treatment of a child with ADHD involves a great investment of time and effort, and control requires the monitoring of a doctor and a psychologist or psychopedagogue, school or extracurricular support teachers, leisure activities and free time, etc., and us With Reflexology we will be one more support to eliminate the stress that ADHD causes in children when they live in their usual environment.

The objective of Reflexology is to go directly to reduce anxiety and stress that the child can accumulate. Their environment is very important, that is why for a job to be totally effective it is necessary to also work with their parents and thus be able to reduce the stress generated by the situation. From here, it will be verified how everyone adapts to the disorder more calmly and without having a negative impact on the child, it will help them a lot in the control of behavior towards the child and they will gradually modify their performance at home. Everyone will see a little change.

For this, it is essential to balance the nervous system and the endocrine system. This is the solution to lower and even eliminate stress and anxiety levels, to later regulate the disorders that produce stress itself.

I can assure you that there are parents of all kinds, parents with a great positive attitude and a large dose of patience and more negative and reckless families, but nevertheless, all, without exception of anyone, adore their children and work with them in the best way who know how to do it. But the truth is that children with ADHD can be very exhausting and stressful, and when that stress is continued and coupled with a feeling of concern about their future, burnout can affect even the most emotionally strong people.

So remember that it is a process of wear and tear that is produced by physical exhaustion rather than by a personal psychological weakness and that having Reflexology at home will help you enjoy the ride more.

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