Stressed parents: put a stop to the rush

Stressed parents: put a stop to the rush

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With the arrival of autumn, the incorporation into the school year and the intense work days, parents with young children are once again accelerated everywhere. At the beginning of the day everything is a real race to adjust as much as possible to what is marked by the clock.

In fact, I was talking to a mother at school, about all the tasks we have as parents; She told me, with great grace, that she is known at work for being 'the fastest in the west': she is the fastest to change her clothes, to read the report from the previous shift, to update her tasks, to have lunch ... In everything !, but he does not do it by scoring a goal against the bosses, but by the inertia of having started the day running. He told me, 'When I get home I don't waste a second either: I pick up the house, put washing machines, iron, fold socks, prepare dinner and uniforms for the next day.' I asked her if her husband was not helping her and she said: 'yes, yes, my husband supervises the children's homework, takes them to English, does the shopping ... there is more than enough work for both of us!' Here's an example of what everyday life means for many parents.

She lamented that she couldn't help it, that she lived in a rush from getting up until she went to bed, and that she was worried because, sometimes, the urgent did not allow him to dedicate or enjoy the most important. It seemed like an excellent reflection! We do not have time for what is important, those things that make us grow as people and as parents.

We cannot waste our little time getting to know ourselves and our children, even if they are what we love the most in the world. We dedicate little effort to improve family attachment and communication with our children and we cling to the urgent, that which makes us imprisoned in stress and haste, and we are governed by nerves that make us jump like a spring at the first of times. change. We are all aware that living stressed, having the feeling that we lack hours a day, always being in a hurry or not being able to fully enjoy unrepeatable moments, could affect us very negatively, both us and our family and, however, there we are still busy with our tasks. But shouldn't we slow down the pace and give way to calm, reflection and coexistence? Why can't it be more urgent than the washing machines, the iron, the traffic or the rush, the tranquility and the meeting with our children? Perhaps the time has come to think about new purposes for this course.

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