Give pay to children. Advantages and disadvantages

Give pay to children. Advantages and disadvantages

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Giving or not paying children can be quite a complicated issue for families, although it is also an intimate issue that each family must know what is best according to their family and economic situation. Give pay to children can have advantages and disadvantages and it is worth knowing them to be able to assess whether it is a good idea or not to pay them weekly or monthly.

Money is a concept that must be taught and learned, and there is no better time than doing it at an early age, when children already have sufficient reasoning ability to understand what money is and what it is for. But there are many ways to teach the concept of money to children, such as on a day-to-day basis or by giving them money on a timely basis (you don't necessarily have to offer them a monthly or weekly payment). It is also necessary to know some advantages and disadvantages of paying children.

- Money is an effective incentive for children to do their homework.

- They will learn to save and realize what it costs to get things by saving money little by little.

- They can use logic and reason to think about how much money they need to get the things they need.

- They can learn to be entrepreneurs. For example, you can teach them to buy lemons with their money to sell lemonades and make a profit.

- Teach the difference between having and not having money and knowing how you feel in both situations.

- They will think that housework (or get better grades or any obligation that corresponds to them) should only be done in exchange for money or they will not feel it as a responsibility.

- They'll get easy money.

- They may feel greedy to get more and more money.

But it is necessary to know that if you decide to pay your children, it must be in a reasonable way, with a fair amount of money that allows them to save to achieve their goals (no buying things or giving more money than you can handle) and always It will have to be in exchange for carrying out the tasks entrusted at home as a responsibility of living and living at home with other people and never out of obligation. In addition, parents should never feel like an obligation to pay their children, if they feel that way it is because something is not going well.

It is necessary to think of an amount to give them either on time or periodically and never exceed this amount.

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