Meaning of pregnancy terms with the letter R

Meaning of pregnancy terms with the letter R

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In you will find a complete list of terms and words related to pregnancy. We explain the meaning of each of them so that you have easy and fast access to all the information about your pregnancy.

Here we show you all the words about pregnancy that begin with the letter R so that you can solve all your doubts about health, care and food during pregnancy.

Assisted reproduction

Sometimes it is impossible to achieve a pregnancy by natural methods, which is why fertility or assisted reproduction techniques are used. The best known of all is in vitro fertilization, although there are other means such as sperm microejection or artificial insemination.

In some cases, experts recommend that the pregnant woman remain completely rest during pregnancy. This is to prevent the spontaneous interruption of pregnancy or risks in the development of the baby. It usually occurs in high-risk pregnancies, although it also occurs in other situations.

The heart of a baby in the womb and newborn is much superior to that of an adult. A heart rate between 120 and 160 beats per minute is considered normal. When they sleep, however, you can lower the frequency a bit. One of the causes is that the baby's heart cells are smaller than those of the adult.

Outside of pregnancy, rubella is a disease that does not have to pose any risk to the sufferer. However, if a pregnant woman is infected with the rubella virus, it can harm the baby. It can cause both congenital disorders and even the loss of the baby.

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