Vegetarian and vegan recipes for kids

Vegetarian and vegan recipes for kids

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The vegetarian diet is an increasingly common option for parents and children, an option that can lead to a healthy and rich diet. With this selection of vegetarian and vegan recipes you will have a complete menu.

Vegetarian recipes do not mean giving up a balanced diet, since meat proteins can be substituted with other foods, always under the recommendations of the doctor or nutritionist, especially in the case of children.

Some recommendations are to organize the menus well, plan them in advance to make sure they cover all the needs for proteins, vitamins, minerals, etc.

All meals must have certain proportions of each of them, they must be respected to avoid anemia or other eating disorders.

Some of the nutrients that should be taken care of in the vegetarian diet of children are iron, calcium, essential fatty acids and vitamins D and B12.

It is best to consult with the pediatrician or nutritionist to indicate which are the most recommended foods at each stage, especially for babies.

If you need ideas for a vegetarian menu, or some vegan recipes, here we propose starters, first courses, main courses and desserts.

Hummus. Hummus or chickpea puree recipe to make at home. our site offers us a recipe for a healthy, light, nutrient-filled starter for children. Make this Arabic recipe with your children and learn how to combine Hummus or hummus with different foods.

Spinach salad. To improve the diet of your children, we offer you a recipe for a vegetarian spinach salad, a light recipe for children at dinner or lunch.

Soya bean and pumpkin soup. Soya and pumpkin seed soup, a perfect recipe for vegetarians and for children to eat protein in a tasty and simple way.

Mushroom cream. Cream of mushrooms recipe. A simple recipe with a mild flavor, perfect for children's dinner due to its lightness. Easy recipe for cream of mushrooms and mushrooms for children. How to make mushroom cream for children's food.

Tomato, cheese and avocado banners. Banderillas are one of the starters that most entertain children. Tomato, cheese and avocado skewers for Christmas dinner. How to make a tomato, cheese and avocado starter for children. Skewers and starters for Christmas.

Tomato soup with smiley face. Easy tomato soup recipe. Tomato soup with a face, a fun dish for children. Decorated food recipes for children. How to make tomato soup for children.

Mild Andalusian salmorejo. Andalusian salmorejo recipe, step by step. our site offers us an ideal recipe for hot days. Try the recipe for this soft and exquisite Andalusian salmorejo with the children. A soup with tomato and bread, healthy and appetizing.

Rice soup with carrot. Homemade rice soup recipe with carrots and chicken. Stomach diseases make children's diets have very little variety. To help them recover, we have prepared this rice soup with carrots, following a very easy homemade recipe.

Soy croquettes. Soy croquettes recipe for children. What kids don't like croquettes? Very few, right? Surely many children are going to love the croquettes that our site offers on this occasion.

Vegetable lasagna. Vegetable lasagna recipe for children. A rich and healthy recipe, ideal for vegetarians. A variation on the traditional recipe, this vegetable lasagna is suitable for vegetarians and a good alternative for children's meals. Homemade recipe for those who follow a vegetarian diet.

Soy meatballs. Soy meatballs recipe for children. This is a recipe that cannot be missing from the table of families who enjoy a healthy meal and which also do not offer so many calories. This recipe for soy or soy meatballs is simple and quick to prepare, and is ideal both for an aperitif at family celebrations, as well as for children's dinner.

Chinese Noodles With Vegetables. Chinese noodles recipe with vegetables and soy. A light and healthy option for children's lunch or dinner, this recipe for Chinese noodles with vegetables and soy sauce. A very complete vegetarian recipe that our site offers us

Eggplant stuffed with rice and vegetables. The recipe for aubergines stuffed with rice and vegetables is simple, fast and inexpensive. A very complete vegetarian dish for children. On our site we tell you everything you need to make this recipe. Gather the ingredients and follow our step by step.

Soy burgers. This recipe for soy burgers is very easy to make, tasty and very healthy. healthy vegetarian ducks for kids Step by step recipe for soy burgers for children.

Spinach and mushroom quiche. The filling of this spinach and mushroom quiche makes this recipe very healthy and easy for children. A vegetarian dish for lunch or family dinner. We show you all the details so that you can prepare this delicious recipe with the family.

Pumpkin pancakes. Pancakes are, in general, the dessert or the favorite snack of children. On this occasion, we have prepared some pumpkin pancakes, a very easy and highly healthy recipe for the little ones in the house. our site offers you the recipe for pumpkin pancakes.

Yogurt cake with lemon and cinnamon. This yogurt cake with lemon and cinnamon is a homemade recipe and very easy to introduce children to the delicious world of desserts and cooking. In addition, it is a very traditional recipe, ideal for breakfast, home and school snacks, and as a dessert or for birthdays.

Baked apples. Recipe for roasted apples in the traditional style. our site proposes you the elaboration of grandmothers' desserts, such as these apples baked in the oven in the traditional style, they are often the favorites of children. A homemade recipe, easy and simple to prepare.

Vegetable mushroom pizza. To get a simple and healthy dinner but attractive for children, you have a recipe for vegetable pizza with mushrooms and wild asparagus.

Custard without egg or sugar. Custard is a very popular dessert in Spanish gastronomy, here is a recipe for light custard, without eggs or sugar, to enjoy a light dessert suitable for allergy sufferers.

Apple cinnamon muffins. On our site we teach you how to make a very simple homemade recipe for apple and cinnamon muffins. Its result is the most juicy and exquisite, both for breakfast, snack or dessert for children.

Raspberry bavarois. Easy kid-friendly raspberry bavarois is a cheerful dessert perfect for Christmas because of its color and its mild flavor.

Strawberry and cherry smoothie. Strawberry and cherry smoothie full of vitamins and antioxidants, both for children and pregnant women. We explain how to make this refreshing and creamy smoothie.

Cheesecake. Cheesecakes are a perfect dessert proposal when we want a light and delicious sweet. our site has developed a traditional recipe for the classic NY cheesecake, no oven. We teach you how to make it, step by step and with photos, following an easy and quick recipe to prepare.

Vegan muffins. With this recipe for vegan chocolate cupcakes for children you can follow a vegetarian or vegan diet without your children having to give up sweets.

Carrot and ginger cream. Soups and creams are a healthy option for children's dinners, like this vegan carrot and ginger cream, packed with vitamins.

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