Christmas in Lapland. Family vacation

Christmas in Lapland. Family vacation

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Finland is the home of Santa Claus. Santa Claus comes from Lapland, from a hill shaped like an ear from where he listens to the wishes of children. Going there is like traveling to the country of Christmas. Santa Claus invites you to spend Christmas in Lapland. Family vacations to live an unforgettable Christmas Eve and Christmas full of gifts.

In the capital of Lapland, Rovaniemi, Santa Claus has the headquarters, the toy workshops and his post office. From here Christmas gifts are sent to children around the world.

1. Santa Claus Village. It is the house of Santa Claus. Families traveling to Lapland for Christmas will be able to see where it has its post office, where Christmas letters from children from all over the world arrive. Admission is free and is open throughout the year. It can be reached by the Santa Express bus or also by car.

2. Joulukka. It is the secret forest of Santa Claus. Santa Claus elves and fairies are waiting for children to enjoy various Christmas activities. In addition, families with children traveling to Lapland for the Christmas holidays can take the Fairytale Train to tour the magical Christmas forest.

3. Rauna Wildlife Park. Santa Claus Zoo with Nordic and Arctic animals like the polar bear. It has 60 species of animals and 200 specimens. Children will be impressed with the fauna of Christmas country. It is open all year round from 10 am to 4 pm.

4. Letter to Santa Claus. Thousands of letters are sent to the Rovaniemi post office with the recipient of Santa Claus. If you are traveling with your children to Lapland at Christmas, don't hesitate to leave the Christmas gift letter in Santa's mailbox.

5. Santa Park. It is a theme park that lives in eternal Christmas. It is a Christmas fantasy inside a cave. In this park, children will be able to see how the elves create the Christmas decorations and also the sweet Christmas traditions of Lapland, the gingerbread muffins. This year families traveling to Lapland for Christmas will be able to see an exhibition of ice statues that tell stories and legends of Lapland.

If you want to spend this Christmas vacation with your family enjoying a trip, there is no better option than the house of Santa Claus. Children will discover where Christmas is made.

Paula Guinot. Editor of our site

Consulted Source: Finnish Tourist Office

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