Trip to Madrid with children. Christmas in family

Trip to Madrid with children. Christmas in family

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Traveling with the family at Christmas is becoming a tradition. Madrid is a good destination to spend the Christmas holidays with children. The city lights up and becomes a true Christmas paradise.

The trip to Madrid with children has many attractions. Madrid at Christmas is a city full of nativity scenes, markets and other Christmas activities. Children and parents who travel to Madrid will enjoy a landscape full of lights. Families who spend the night of the Kings in Madrid will be able to see their majesties the Three Wise Men in person.

1. There is no lazy in Lazy Town. From December 15 to 30. Families traveling to Madrid at Christmas will be able to enjoy this show for children. The Alcalá theater will host this children's show to entertain parents and children with music and dances. The entrance is 19 euros. An original Christmas gift to surprise children.

2. The parade of kings. On kings night, children in Madrid will be able to see the Three Kings in their floats through the streets of Madrid. Their majesties will distribute Christmas gifts to the children and also Christmas sweets. Also at the end of the tour, in the Plaza Cibeles there will be musical shows for children.

3. Christmas market in the Plaza Mayor. From December 1 to 31. Families traveling to Madrid for Christmas will be able to enjoy the Plaza Mayor Christmas market. It is a perfect place to buy Christmas decorations and enjoy authentic Madrid Christmas food. There are also attractions for the children to enjoy while their parents shop for Christmas gifts.

4. Bethlehem of the Madrid City Council. From December 1 to January 8. A huge Christmas Nativity Scene with a total of 200 figures. Children will be impressed with the number of Christmas figures on the town hall portal.

5. Christmas tree at Puerta del Sol. A beautiful Christmas tree decorated with lights in the shape of Christmas decorations, stars and hearts and Puerta del Sol in the background. It is typical to celebrate New Year's Eve in this typical Madrid square. It is a mandatory stop on this Christmas route through Madrid.

Traveling to Berlin at Christmas is a perfect plan for those families who want to spend the holidays in a true Christmas paradise. Also if you travel with children here you have a route with Christmas activities.

Paula Guinot

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