What is joint custody of children?

What is joint custody of children?

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When the relationship is bad, when the children live in a tense climate full of arguments, it is time to consider the separation. A divorce is often a difficult time for both adults and children, and its consequences are not always well understood.

The fact that adults have decided to break up the couple does not mean that they also have to break up the family they have built. And on this idea is based the model of shared custody where the child spends the same time with both parents. However, joint custody is not possible in all cases.

When a marriage separates the children are generally left mother's charge establishing a visitation regime for the father that is not always sufficient. Attending to the needs of children, who should not assume the consequences of divorce from his parents, joint custody is presented as a way to keep the family together.

In the joint custody system, both parents share the care of the child equally. The child lives with his mother and father for the same period of time and thus does not miss one of them because of a decision in which he has not taken part. The periods They vary according to each family and can be alternate days in which the child spends one day with the mother and another with the father, or periods of weeks or even months may be established.

In joint custody, both parents share time, rights and obligations with the children. Living expenses are borne by both and the child can live in the family home the parents being the ones who move according to the period of custody or the child may also move from one house to another depending on who their caregiver is at that time.

If joint custody is more beneficial to the child Since neither parent disappears from their daily lives and divorce is less traumatic, it is true that it cannot be applied in all cases. This type of custody requires that the father and the mother live in the same locality and it is preferable that both addresses are close. But above all, a excellent relationship between parents.

In the event that the custody periods are for months, it is possible to reside in different locations, but in these cases the child notices the family breakdown more. In any case, the law cannot foresee all the contingencies arising from daily life and a judge cannot regulate all the moments of a family's life. That is why it is necessary that this theory of seeking the child welfare is carried out by both parents.

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