The benefits of the sun for children

The benefits of the sun for children

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In recent years, a crusade against prolonged exposure to sunlight has rightly been launched. In essence, because solar radiation is related to the appearance of skin cancers, both the dreaded melanomas and non-melanomas.

However, as long as it is done prudently and in moderation, exposure to the sun it also brings many benefits, both for children and adults.

The increase in skin cancer and melanomas in recent years has made sun exposure seen as a major threat, and we have forgotten its virtues. Here we expose several of them, not without first remembering that you must apply common sense when exposing yourself - you or your children - to the star king:

1. Antidepressant effect. Seasonal affective disorder is an entity characterized by the appearance of depression cycles coinciding with the months with less exposure to sunlight (in Europe they coincide with autumn and winter). The reason is that serotonin production is reduced if there is little natural light. It can affect not only adults, but also children and adolescents.

2. Sedative effect Sunlight induces the synthesis of endogenous opioids, a fact that translates into well-being and tranquility.

3. Activation of vitamin D. Most of the vitamin D we eat is in an inactive form (as provitamin D2 or as provitamin D3). The sun, and specifically, ultraviolet B light of 290-315 nm, is responsible for its initial activation, which is then completed in the liver and kidney. For this reason, if a sunscreen is applied always and at all times to children, the aforementioned activation is difficult, which increases the risk of developing rickets. To prevent this, unfiltered sun exposure to the face and forearms is recommended, fifteen minutes a day, three days a week. Of course: you have to be rigorous to the maximum with this measure, and not overdo it, because a child's skin is very delicate.

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