Stories for children. The toad and the heron

Stories for children. The toad and the heron

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Once upon a time there was a toad that spent the day hunting mosquitoes and grasshoppers to feed itself. He was very good at hunting and. whenever he went to eat, he came out stuffed.

One day, the toad went to do his daily work on the banks of the river and there he found a sad and heartbroken heron that, apparently, was experiencing a reality contrary to him:

-What's wrong with you, her friend?

-Ah, friend toad! - answered-. If you knew that so far this day I have not been able to hunt any fish and now I am very hungry ...

Then the toad volunteered to support the bird and an idea occurred to him: you drag prey with the current and as soon as the fish appeared, they would act immediately. The heron accepted this plan, but when it was carried out it was not very successful. At that time they only hunted a fish that was not enough for their palate.

Despite this, they kept insisting and insisting, and they always obtained the minimum result. In a last attempt, the toad chose to dive deep into the river, where it chased the fish to shore. In this way, luck was his best ally because a number of river fauna piled up in that place.

So the heron decided to swim through the gentle stream where it ate all the fish that crossed it and once it had filled its crop, the bird warned the toad by saying:

"Up to here, no more!"

And the two of them got out of the water and headed towards a hut. There the heron had words of gratitude to the toad for his remarkable collaboration from which he benefited, and said:

-How will I pay your generosity?

And the amphibian received the appreciation with humility responding:

-I feel more satisfied giving than receiving.

Thus the toad demonstrated that when one does a favor, we should not ask for anything in return. The heron's face changed from sadness to happiness, and both characters said goodbye giving each other a big hug.


Story sent by Luis David Gamonal Suárez from Peru.

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