Baby's first swim in the pool

Baby's first swim in the pool

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If there is something very special about it baby's first summer it is the moment when it opens in a swimming pool. The first bath with parents is unforgettable, but it can also be dangerous. Therefore, especially if we are first-time, it is necessary to take into account some guidelines for care and prevention with our baby in the pool.

To begin with, we must bear in mind that the baby's skin is very sensitive, and that before bathing with our son we have to protect his dermis well. Being so delicate, we must not lose sight of the fact that sun creams are essential before getting into the water, since even if we are under the umbrella before bathing, ultraviolet radiation could damage them.

In addition, with respect to the child's skin, not only the sun can affect him when he is bathing, but also the chlorine in the water itself, so it is best to do few minute baths so it does not hurt or irritate your skin.

As we want this little time with the baby in the water to be unforgettable, the most important thing is that we have clear certain tips so that everything goes well and the child is comfortable in the water.

- Subjection: The fear that the baby can have is that of drowning, even if he does not know that this can happen. The feeling that they are not floating despite being so small can cause discomfort. Therefore, it is recommended that we hold them sufficiently so that they feel the feeling of protection at all times.

- Time: Being the first time, many children cannot stand water, just as it happens to them at home bath time. So that it does not make them uncomfortable or overwhelming, it is advisable to wet them little by little and that this bath does not last too long. It is more recommended that it last ten minutes and repeat it one or two more times, than to have too much time to baby in the pool and that the first bath turns into a nightmare.

- Tranquillity: If we are in a pool that is too crowded, the child could get scared by other people who play, swim and have fun in the water. The first bath is very special, and for this it is advisable to do it when the baby can be as calm and calm as possible without too many people around.

- Games: Although it is evident that he will not be able to function on his own, if we sing, play small games or splash with our baby, he will relax and feel this first bath as something pleasant and appetizing that he will not hesitate to repeat.

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