The smile of a baby when putting on glasses

The smile of a baby when putting on glasses

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Only those who have vision problems will understand this: how wonderful it is to see clearly again. Suddenly the colors are intense. The figures finally cease to be mere blots. Life is so much more beautiful.

For Piper, the protagonist of this story, everything changed the day her mother gave her beautiful pink glasses. Suddenly he discovered the faces of his parents. And his reaction, how could it be otherwise, was one of immense happiness.

I remember when I was nearsighted and before I put glasses on, I was not able to focus the eyes of the people I was talking to. His eyes were just black dots in the middle of an immense blur of flesh color. Life was an impressionist painting of watercolors that mixed shapes and colors. Showering was an ordeal. He could recognize shampoo or gel bottles by touch. And the beach became a trap, a nightmare. With as many people as shapeless blobs swarming from one side to the other ...

To see shapes and colors clearly again is a gift that we sometimes forget. Clearly, we never know how to value things until we lose them. The face of this baby to be able to finally see his parents, is priceless.

Piper he got used to seeing objects with problems for 10 long months. He wasn't able to focus on them. The outlines were blurred on his retina and the colors were much dimmer than normal. But it was time to put on his first glasses. At first, she refused, but her mother, Jessica Sinclair, 26, managed to put them on and ... the baby's happy face speaks for itself !! At last he could really see his parents' faces. The objects, the colors. Piper had just discovered a wonderful and fascinating new world.

Correcting the baby's vision problems in time is a challenge for parents. Sometimes it is not so easy to discover that your child does not see correctly. And less at such young ages. But we can observe some symptoms that something is not going well. You'd better make an appointment with the ophthalmologist if you discover some of these signs in your child:

In babies:

- You are not able to differentiate between some colors.

- He does not follow the face of his parents.

- Immediately lose interest in what you are explaining, even if it is a game.

- The iris and pupil of the eye are misaligned.

- If the pupils are different sizes or are blurred.

- The light bothers him a lot.

In children:

- It sticks a lot to the text when reading or writing.

- Squint or wink your eyes to focus.

- Complains of headache and even dizziness.

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