How to teach the child to control urination

How to teach the child to control urination

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The best time for a child to learn to control urination is after they have gained control of bowel movements. You can start by removing diapers during the day, being aware of possible signs that the child has when his bladder is full (wriggling, crossing his legs, etc.)

When this happens they should take the child to the toilet, using a potty or a toilet adapter. You should also set a few hours a day to take you to the service. It is recommended that you remove toys from this space to avoid distraction for the child.

According to some recommendations of the University of Navarra ClinicIn the first place, what you should do is go to the pediatrician, to assess whether you may have an organic problem. And it is that enuresis is mainly a medical problem that occurs due to lack of maturation of the bladder or due to a deficit in a hormone. A minority of cases are for psychological reasons.

But, How can we help parents at home to the child who still pees on the bed? Below you can read a list of activities with which you can help children with this problem:

- Play down the problem.

- Do not make a sudden withdrawal of the diaper.

- The child must be aware of the amounts of liquid he drinks: drinking regularly throughout the day will help him to have better control of his bladder capacity. And from avoiding certain drinks such as: coffee, tea, soft drinks.

- Carry out activities to improve bladder capacity: during the day go to the bathroom as soon as you feel the need to urinate. Increase the number of drinks during the day. Write down the number of times you urinate during the day. Once this has been achieved, you should try to postpone urination for a few minutes, which will later lengthen.

- Think positive: it is very important that the child lies down thinking positively, trying to avoid thinking that he is going to wet the bed. Therefore the child must be distracted with other subjects.

- Shower in the morning on the days when the bed is wet (it is assumed that children generally bathe at night).

- The child will have to help change his wet sheets and pajamas.

- Never scold the child or punish him.

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