Chloasma or pregnancy spots on the face

Chloasma or pregnancy spots on the face

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The hormonal revolution that occurs during pregnancy has a series of consequences that may be more or less obvious. It is the case of chloasma, melasma of pregnancy or spots on the face that may appear in the gestation period.

Although chloasma does not present a risk to the health of the pregnant woman, it is a aesthetic problem difficult to hide, as the spots appear all over the face. This can cause some complexes or complicate emotional health, so it is best to know the causes and treatment of this chloasma or spots on the face during pregnancy.

Chloasma or melasma is the appearance of spots on the face during pregnancy. They appear mainly on the forehead, cheekbones and upper lip and their color is more or less dark coffee with milk. It affects more to women with darker skin and its appearance can be more or less intense. In many cases it disappears after pregnancy, but other times it requires treatment.

The main cause of chloasma is hormonal fluctuation that occurs during pregnancy, which is why in some cases it remits when hormonal levels return to normal. This reason is also what makes these spots on the face appear without being pregnant as a result of the anticonceptive pill or with hormone replacement therapy in the menopause.

But in addition to hormones, the appearance of chloasma is closely related to sun exposure. It is very important to protect your facial skin during pregnancy to avoid the appearance of these spots or, at least, to prevent them from lasting after pregnancy. Use a cream with a high index of Solar protection and avoiding as much as possible that the sun's rays hit your face directly are actions that will reduce the consequences of chloasma.

Because it occurs during pregnancy, it is not possible to access all the available treatments for chloasma. Some creams for skin pigmentation or facial peels contain chemicals that are not recommended during pregnancy and also during lactation. And you also have to wait if you opt for a laser treatment to remove stains.

That is why the best treatment for spots during pregnancy is the preventive treatment, with high sun protection creams and using caps or visors to avoid the sun's rays. It is also advisable to adopt a non-alarmist attitude and wait until after pregnancy because once the hormones are regulated, the chloasma will most likely disappear.

If chloasma is causing you emotional problems, you can opt for some Home remedy of uncertain but non-invasive efficacy like that of mashed banana that is placed on the stains for 15 minutes a couple of times a week. In any case, it is always advisable to consult a dermatologist to analyze the type of chloasma and the possibilities of treatment during and after pregnancy.

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