Children's games to avoid spelling mistakes

Children's games to avoid spelling mistakes

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You learn to write by writing and reading a lot, but this is not enough, you also have to learn and practice with the spelling rules.

It is known that people who are used to reading, learn spelling before, and without any doubt, if someone writes correctly, they will express themselves and communicate much better.

We must practice the spelling rules as they will help us improve, we will learn to write well and expand our vocabulary. In the case of children, it will promote learning, reading comprehension and therefore, even spending less time studying, success will be greater.

So that children do not find it boring to practice these rules and do it without effort, the ideal is to resort to games. Depending on the age, it can be accompanied by images to make it more entertaining.

I leave you a game in which I have been working to learn spelling, it can be adapted to any educational level.

The spelling game SPELLING:

To play we will need:

- A dice.

- Tokens, which can be pencil sharpeners, erasers, colored chalk, etc.

- A deck, which can be made with cardboard. Each letter will have a word written on one side, and a small note of the spelling rule on the back. We can create the game at will according to the rules and the educational level with which we want to work.

- A board, as extensive, colorful and with as many squares as we want (homemade or one that we have in the 'la Oca' style).

- A director, who will be the moderator and will be in charge of reading the rules aloud.

We can play individually or in teams, in such a way that there are not too long waits between turns. If we play the game with a large group, dividing them into teams will promote cooperation and a more agile pace of play.

And above all we need 'a lot of desire to have fun.

How to play:

Each player has a token and will move it around the board when his turn comes. Take a card from the deck.

For example, if we choose the word BOIL, on the back we would read: 'all verbs ending in bir are written with b, except boil, serve and live'. In case the child writes and spells the word correctly, he will advance a box and the moderator will read the spelling rule for everyone. On the other hand, words that are written and spelled well and that have the letters g, j, h, x, will advance us two boxes, in the same way, those with accents, will advance three boxes.

The cards that have already been played will be placed in a different pile than what we will call 'REVIEW', there will also be some special 'REVIEW' boxes on our board. When a player lands on it, a card from this pile will be played, in such a way that if the player succeeds, he will advance one position on the board, but if he fails, he must return to the starting position.

The first to reach the goal will win.

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