Childish story. Ears and Rabito

Childish story. Ears and Rabito

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Many years ago in a green forest full of beautiful trees, plants and flowers, Orejas lived eating and enjoying all the carrots that he grew for himself and his family.

One day Ears, as usual, went out to look for his food, his precious carrots, but something strange happened, he did not find a single carrot, neither big nor small.

Perhaps I came very far! Exclaimed Orejas, and then decided to go to the closest meadow that he knew and to which he sometimes went in search of food, but there was not a single carrot there, neither very fresh nor very ripe.

It was already dusk and Orejas had not been able to find the answer to such an unusual event "You better ask for help," he said. It was then that Rabito appeared, a beautiful white ancestor rabbit, sporting a huge belly, overflowing with happiness!

- Hello! - I'm Rabito!

- Who are you? - What are you doing here? Faced with so many questions, Ears was confused and very angry, I would say that I had never seen a rabbit as upset as this one. But he replied:

- I am Orejas and I have lived in this forest for a long time and here I grow food for my family, but today strangely all the carrots that I cultivated with much effort for a long time disappeared. Do you know something? He asked Rabito.

- I, he, he, he, I do not know na, na, na, nothing at all, and it will be better that once and for all I leave taking this order from my family. They're also pu, pu, pu, pure fluff, Rabito said, very nervous.

- Okay, but don't be angry, said Ears. And Rabito continued on his way. He walked for a long time, but his conscience weighed more than the bag he was carrying, he decided to go back and confess the truth to Orejas.

When he returned, he found Orejas very sad so he confessed the whole truth:

- Ears, I was the one who collected all your carrots, I have a large family, very numerous and I had no choice. Orejas, who had a good heart, decided to forgive Rabito, and also invited him to come and live with his family, and to work together.

Since then, Orejas and Rabito have lived very happily eating carrots every day.


This story has been sent by Norma Ruiz Guerrero (Peru) and is dedicated to her son Alonso Gustavo

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