How new technologies affect children's vision

How new technologies affect children's vision

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The vision of children today increasingly face situations that in other generations did not have to live and is that, from early childhood, have access to devices that force them to strain their eyes. How will the eyes of our children behave in the medium-term future in the face of the increasingly frequent use of new technologies?

On our site we deal with the behavior of children's eyes and the effect that the use of technological devices has on them such as tablets, smartphones or computers.

Children spend more time and increasingly from earlier ages in front of the computer, playing with the mobile phone or with the tablets and all this effort made by the children's eyes can cause graduations such as myopia to appear.

A few years ago it was believed that myopia was largely due to the effort of focus, that is, to see at short distances we have to focus on the object. This overexertion made by the eyes if it is done constantly and for a long time, it was thought that the eye could contract, as occurs with a muscle that is subjected to excessive effort. For this reason, it was believed that there was a spasm of focus and the eye stared at that distance, so what was far was out of focus.

However, today this thinking has changed. Myopia is currently believed to be due to peripheral vision, which is all we see up to the almost 180 degrees of vision we have. This is the cause of the increase in myopia in children, why?

Several studies have been carried out that confirm that urban populations, in which it is very common straining the eye to work over short distancesWhether playing with the tablet or typing on the computer, it has a higher rate of children with myopia since they do not use peripheral vision as frequently compared to populations that live in more open environments and in which technology does not form part of the children's day to day.

Therefore, the habit that the child uses less and less peripheral vision and more and more vision at short distances, is causing an increase in cases of myopia in childhood.

With the collaboration of María Valencia Sandonís

Optician and optometrist

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