Narcissistic or over-self-esteem children

Narcissistic or over-self-esteem children

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A narcissistic child is not born, it is made and the fault lies with the parents. A child becomes a narcissist when he has received an overvaluation in childhood by parents or adults around him. Parents can value their child with all the good intention to increase the child's self-esteem, but when it is done in an excessive way then the self-esteem seems to swell too much and it becomes toxic for the little one.

If you want to avoid having narcissistic children, you will have to avoid overvaluing them excessively, this is the secret. Overvaluing has nothing to do with supporting, guiding or motivating. To overvalue is to tell your children that you do things wonderfully even if it is not like that, to tell them that they are the best and that they are above the rest, when it really is not. This will not make children smarter or try harder, quite the opposite.

A child who has received too much overvaluation in childhood is most likely to become lazy, because 'since everything I do is fine, why am I going to try, let others do it for me'. They will think that they are superior beings and there may even be the danger that they will become child tyrants.

The reality is that when a child is too overrated it does not mean that they have better self-esteem, self-esteem has nothing to do with it. Although it seems that the self-esteem is bloated, what increases is the ego and narcissism. For a child to have good self-esteem, he will need emotional warmth from the parents and big dose of reality, where if it is not the best, nothing happens but effort is the best way.

A child who has become a narcissist will think that he deserves better treatment, that he is special, and that all the best is for him. This little by little will turn the child into a narcissistic child with the following consequences:

- It will become in a tyrant child.

- They will not know how to respect the rules or limits.

- He will not respect people.

- Will not have empathy with others, nor will he know how to put himself in the place of the other.

- He will think that the path of effort is absurd, that others do their obligations because 'he deserves it'.

- You will have trouble relating because humility and honesty will be conspicuous by their absence.

- They will be children with little self esteem and too much ego.

- They will have a totally distorted vision of reality where they are the center of the universe.

As you can see, the consequences of overvaluing children are too negative, for this reason it is best to value children in behavior and attitude

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