The punishment of children. Practical tips in videos

The punishment of children. Practical tips in videos

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Punishing children is effective in certain situations, but we must know what they are and how to apply it. Parents should set limits for children, in this way they can correct some bad behaviors and get, for example, them to do their homework.

The character of the child is one of the keys when choosing the punishment, it is necessary to know how to adapt it to the circumstances to achieve a positive result, which cannot be achieved with physical or verbal violence, but firmly.

We propose the videos with the advice of the psychologist Mª Luisa Ferrerós to know how punishments should be applied correctly to children.

How to punish children. Educating children also involves setting rules and limits. When these rules are not met, punishments come. But how should the punishments be? How to apply punishments to children? In this Guiainfantil Vlog we explain how the punishments of children should be.

What is educational punishment. We analyze what educational punishment is and what is the best way to apply it to children. What are punishments to children for and how can we put them on children to make them effective? The child psychologist María Luisa Ferrerós gives us some of the keys.

Should children be punished? Is it appropriate to punish children when they do not behave? Alicia Banderas, a graduate in Psychology from the Autonomous University of Madrid and specialized in clinical psychology, explains the best way to teach limits and norms to children.

Educational consequence and punishment. The evolution of children's education goes through the change of punishment, as we associate it with slapping, slapping, making the educational consequence where the child is not humiliated and reflects on costing him something for his bad behavior

No to physical punishment. Should we negotiate with our children so that society will forget about physical punishment? María Luisa Ferrerós, child psychologist and author of the book Punished! Is it necessary? Advises us on what the parents' position should be.

The punishment according to the child. Can we establish an educational behavior based on the character of the child? The child psychologist María Luisa Ferrerós recommends correcting in a different way the shy than the extroverts, the docile than the stubborn ...

How to get the child to obey. Do you have to repeat to your child many times that it is time to go to bed or that he has to shower to do it? Your way of acting is essential to achieve it. With the advice of the child psychologist María Luisa Ferrerós, it will be easier for you to get your child's attention

Where do we fail if the children misbehave. Many parents do not know what to do to make our children behave, but where do we fail? Child psychology offers advice to parents not to make mistakes in the education of their children. The main problems the lack of security and the lack of family unity

What to do so that the children respect us. Have you ever wondered what kind of parents you and your partner are? Maybe you are authoritarian or permissive? The psychologist María Luisa Ferrerós gives us some keys to get children to respect us and to find a good balance in the relationship we have with children.

How to set limits. Limits are essential when educating children. But how can we set those limits? What kinds of limits should we set? The psychologist Silvia Álava gives us some advice and lists some simple steps to set limits for our children.

Get the child to do homework. Sometimes to get children to do something we have to repeat things 20 times, like doing their homework every day when they come back from school. The psychologist María Luisa Ferrerós explains how to achieve this with a practical example and without losing our temper.

Get the kid to come to dinner. A psychologist explains to us in this interview what we can do when children ignore when we tell them that dinner is ready. Follow these guidelines and you will get your children to be more obedient and not have to repeat the orders a thousand times.

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