Have a biological child and adopt

Have a biological child and adopt

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Sometimes a family decides that the time has come to grow up and have another new member, how? Well, having a child who can be biological or adopted.

Adoption is one more form of paternity or maternity and, therefore, a decision by you and / or your partner if it is the case. It is normal for you to ask yourself certain questions about what it will be like to bring a child home from outside, what the coexistence will be like, if he will get along with your other children, if you will love him the same, if others will treat him the same ...

The first thing you have to think about is that your new son will get along well with the rest of the family even if they argue and fight, that you are going to love him and that he will indeed be one more member. That is the approach that you should have, although it is normal that, when preparing the way for the arrival of the youngest of the house, the peculiarities of the adoption must be taken into account in order to explain to the rest of your children how that new one is going to be brother.

Of course that explanation will depend a lot how old are your children but as with anything else you want to make them understand. It is important to differentiate in order to make them understand the new family change:

1. If my oldest children are biological and the new member is going to be an adopted child. In these cases, the best way to prepare for the arrival of the new sibling is to involve your older children in that adoption as much as possible. Talk to them, indicate the reasons that lead you to make that decision, seek information on the country of origin of the child you are going to adopt, the customs and traditions ...

2. If my older children are adopted and the new member is going to be a biological child. Although in this case a pregnancy cannot always be predicted, incorporating the child into its development is essential. We must always bear in mind that, as we have said on previous occasions, an adopted child is a child who has suffered losses and these always generate insecurity: will they stop loving me when they have their 'real' child?

Therefore, we must insist that both are going to be our children, that there are no 'real' or 'false' children, that we are going to love them the same, that they are going to be brothers and it is very important that they are given a role of responsible, like older brother who has to take care (as with biological siblings) but insisting much more on how much he is loved. Let's think that he is not just a dethroned prince, but a prince who had a hard time believing his throne and therefore, the fear of losing what he has cost a lot to achieve is greater.

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