The use of the girdle in the postpartum

The use of the girdle in the postpartum

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Many times we find new mothers wearing a girdle, in order to hide their tummy. However, more and more celebrities are showing their natural body after giving birth (as is the case of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton), with the logical bulging abdomen of a woman who has just given birth.

Regarding the use or not of girdles in the postpartum, there is more and more unanimity on the part of the professionals who treat women during maternity: are not recommended as a rule, except in very isolated cases and always evaluating each case.

If a girdle is placed on the abdomen, the pressure in the perineum area increases and that damages the muscles that are more weakened and even damaged by pregnancy and childbirth, pelvic floor problems such as incontinence, prolapses ...

We also prevent the abdominal muscles from doing their job. During pregnancy they have been very distended due to the growth of the baby and the uterus, and it is recommended that little by little they return to their function: that of support, they are partly responsible for maintaining our upright posture, and the viscera and structures on your site.

The use of the girdle can reduce some of the typical postpartum pain, especially if the woman has given birth by cesarean section; Since the girdle in the immediate postoperative period greatly relieves the woman, since it presses on the wound and the mother can move more easily, and reduce the discomfort that may arise every time she gets up, lies down, laughs or coughs. But it is not convenient to abuse it, if you use it you can do it the first 3-5 days, then it is advisable to remove it and let it be the muscles themselves that take tone. And the fabric of it must be breathable, since under it is the wound that has to heal.

Most women use it to decrease abdominal volume, but it is not proven that the use of these garments really do a job in this regard. However, on an aesthetic level under clothes, they can hide the typical 'roundness' of motherhood. It is much more advisable to do controlled exercise, as long as the midwife or gynecologist give the go-ahead.

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