Smoothie recipes for kids

Smoothie recipes for kids

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Smoothies are generally made by mixing milk or yogurt with different fruits, so it is a great way to get children to take the necessary vitamins contained in fruits and the calcium in milk, almost without realizing it.

The shakes are easy to prepare and by making them at home we can guarantee that we make them without colorings or preservatives and that they have all the nutritional properties that help our children grow and have a healthy diet.

In We offer you different ideas to prepare homemade smoothies for children. An ideal way to complete your diet with a healthy, refreshing drink, ideal for snacks or breakfasts for the little ones in the house.

Cherries, melon and banana. There are countless recipes for children with cherries that they will love, both in savory and sweet dishes, an example is this smoothie with cherries, banana and melon.

Strawberries and banana. Vitamin C, folic acid and calcium, this strawberry and banana smoothie contains the necessary nutrients to be a perfect fruit dessert for children and pregnant women.

Kiwi. Vitamins play an important role in the physical and mental development of children, so give them this healthy and refreshing children's recipe for a kiwi and apple smoothie.

With soy milk. Kids will really like this cool Vegan Tropical Soy Milk Shake. A recipe with which you will not have to worry about food allergies.

Of chocolate. How to make a homemade chocolate shake for children. our site offers us to make the children's favorite shake: the chocolate one, for hot days. A whole classic.

Pineapple and orange. Orange and pineapple smoothie recipe. On hot days, children also suffer the effects of high temperatures. That's why you can follow our recipe for children of pineapple and orange smoothie, a light drink.

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