The best photograph of a baby

The best photograph of a baby

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The first knowing look. Or that half smile that appears for the first time on his face. A serene nap, that little hand that clings tightly to her father's finger or an unexpected pout.

The best photograph of a newborn shows a gesture, an instant, a special bond that only a certain photographer is capable of capturing: his parents.

Carlota is only 6 days old. He just got home and his brother Jorge is happy. All this is part of what this image full of tenderness conveys, the first official image we have of the children of the Dukes of Cambridge together. Guess who the photographer was? His mother, Kate middleton!

Without a doubt, the best photograph of a newborn will surely be taken by its parents. Nobody better than any of them to know when is the best time to photograph your child. You may be more awake first thing in the morning, or prefer the afternoon to play. Perhaps moments before the bath, or when you rock and rock him while you sing a lullaby. Nobody like their parents to 'sneak in' without disturbing in that intimate moment. Just the moment when his brother hugs him and fills him with kisses, when he tastes chocolate for the first time or when playing with a spoon he fills his face with puree. Taking a good picture of your child is not difficult. You just have to take into account a series of recommendations. Especially if he is still newborn.

A newborn can be very photogenic. You just need to find the right moment and also be able to portray that complicity between the two of you. The best photograph of my daughter was when she was barely a month and a half, when she decided to give me a huge and tender half smile. But if you have doubts about how to take the best photograph, perhaps these tips will help you:

1. Don't use the flash. The newborn still has very sensitive eyes. It bothers you and can be detrimental to the health of your eyes. Look for a window or a bright area, but avoid direct sunlight on your face.

2. Never try to take a picture of her if she is crying or uncomfortable. For the photograph to turn out well, it has to be comfortable. You may feel more secure in your mother's or father's lap. Take advantage of that moment.

3. If you want me to look at the camera when the photo is taken, catches their attention with sounds. He still doesn't see very well, but his hearing is very developed.

4. If you are looking for spontaneityTry not to notice that you take a picture of him. You can zoom out and use the zoom.

5. If what you are looking for is a 'nice photo', use dolls or special clothes to create a different and creative 'childish' setting.

6. Look for details. The face, the eyes, a gesture ... you don't want to take out all the background decoration. The most important thing is your son.

7. The most beautiful light it is that of sunrise and sunset. Gives more golden tones, covers that moment with a magical translucent 'veil'.

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