A gesture is worth a thousand words to a baby

A gesture is worth a thousand words to a baby

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There is no doubt that a gesture is worth a thousand words. In the same way that the baby gestures to ask to be held, parents can also use the language of gestures to teach and help their children to speak. It is no longer enough to stand in front of the baby and say words, over and over again, to teach him to speak. You have to gesture, point a finger at what you want to learn, wave, and interact with babies through the arms, hands and the whole body.

In this way, babies will learn to speak more quickly. The more 14-month-old babies gesticulate, the better vocabulary and expressive skills they will have at four years of age. That is what ensures a study carried out by researchers from the department of psychology at the University of Chicago, in which 50 babies of 14 months were observed, coming from families residing in Chicago. For him to speak and communicate well, the role of parents is decisive.

The social factor is decisive in teaching the baby to speak. The study showed that parents who read more to their children, use a richer and more varied vocabulary, and multiple resources, their babies speak earlier. It cannot be forgotten that babies use gestures to communicate, before speaking.

Thinking about it, now I can understand the fascination that the "strong hugs" of the Teletubbies, and the games of Sesame Street. They also liked picture dictionaries, and the games we played about pointing to objects, people, and saying what or who they were. She went crazy when she listened to some song-game accompanied by gestures. The song of Noah's Ark, for example, he loved because he had to imitate a crocodile, a snake ...

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