Give birth listening to music

Give birth listening to music

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Not only the one who sings his evils scares. Music, even if not sung, also turns a moment of anxiety and stress into something calmer and more relaxed.In fact, a Hospital in Madrid, Spain, decided to install musical equipment throughout its delivery area, making it possible for pregnant women to give birth listening to music.

But why is music so important in a delivery room?

Doctors agree that music benefits the production of endorphins and brings serenity to women. In this way, the pain is reduced and helps the mother to relax and maintain a leisurely pace in her work of expelling the baby. Music generates positive emotions in the mother and helps her regain energy between one contraction and another, apart from the fact that it also prevents postpartum depression.

I have also heard of singing midwives and even women who gave birth singing and following the method known for carnatic chant, introduced and transmitted to western society by the French gynecologist, Fr├ęderick Leboyer, who also, in the decade of the 50s introduced, through his book Shantala, massage in babies.

This type of singing consists of simple vocalizations accompanied by slow, deep abdominal breathing. By combining breathing with singing, the woman can also reach a state of relaxation very close to the state of meditation. While the mothers sing they manage to focus on themselves and on the moment in which they are living. Singing helps them feel the intensity of labor, reducing pain and promoting a conscious and pleasant birth.

In this way, the baby also benefits from the positive emotions of his mother, the sound of her voice and her singing. Doctors point out that it is about humanizing the moment of delivery. In this hospital, the initiative to play music during childbirth allows mothers to bring the music they want to listen to on a CD or MP3 when the time comes to give birth to their baby. If you are pregnant, would you like to listen to music or sing during labor? And what kind of music?

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