Male infertility, is it still a taboo subject?

Male infertility, is it still a taboo subject?

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Do you think the issue of male infertility is still tied to virility? Male fertility problems have long been a taboo subject for both men and women, and many myths have grown around them, some true and others false.

When a couple could not have children, it was generally thought that they were the one who was not worth it, because popular tradition has always linked reproduction with femininity. But now, we know that fertility problems affect men and women alike, although we are still the ones who worry first when the baby does not arrive and who take the first step to go to a fertility clinic.

And there are still more. We continue to check ourselves first in the gynecologist's office, before calling our partner for a simple semen analysis to be performed where the number, activity and shape of the sperm are tested. And it is that some cultural stereotypes still weigh and I think it would be a good topic of debate to discuss whether male infertility is a matter of virility or rather a pathology, which has a treatment.

Thanks to scientific advances in the field of medicine, today, a man can be considered virile, even if he does not produce mature, healthy and particularly mobile sperm. Many are the factors that can affect the quality and mobility of sperm and, according to the latest data, the number of treatments to combat male infertility has progressively increased in recent years.

And it is that although many are incredulous, to have a count of 20 million sperm per milliliter of semen, in which at least half of them have a correct movement and 30 percent normal forms, according to the latest parameters approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), it is necessary to eat healthy and include in the diet a large amount of nutrients with high antioxidant activity such as red fruits and vitamins C and E, and to abandon high consumption of alcohol, tobacco and drugs , as well as poor eating habits because they significantly affect fertility, reducing not only the amount of sperm, but also its quality.

And also, if you want to be a father, manage your stress on a daily basis because these situations have an impact on hormonal activity and this in turn regulates testicular function, avoid tight clothing so that your scrotum is two degrees less than the rest of the your body, eat healthy and include antioxidant foods in your diet and, if you take any medication, consult your doctor.

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